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Daniels-Eisenstaedt Photo Tour: Chattanooga

As a local newspaper reported, the first city Daniels and Eisenstaedt visited was Chattanooga, where Eisenstaedt took pictures of two important white southern liberal newspaper editors whom Daniels had interviewed the year before: Julian Harris and George Fort Milton.

Harris-1, Harris-2, Harris-3

Milton-1, Milton-2, Milton-3, Milton-4

Eisenstaedt also snapped pictures of a man with a Chattanooga Free Press newspaper sticking out of his pocket. A letter in Daniels's papers suggests this was Roy McDonald, editor of the Free Press.

McDonald-1, McDonald-2

On the street in front of Chattanooga's Davenport Hosiery Mills, Eisenstaedt saw a white car with bullhorns on its roof and the words "God is Love" and "Jesus is the Light of the World" painted on its sides.

Car-1, Car-2, Car-3, Car-4

Before leaving the area, Daniels and Eisenstaedt took in the natural wonders of nearby Lookout Mountain, including Rock City.

Lookout Mountain-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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