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Daniels-Eisenstaedt Photo Tour

On June 21, 1938, Mary Fraser, an associate editor at Life magazine, wrote to Jonathan Daniels asking if he could "take a couple of weeks off, to guide one of our cameramen along the route" he followed in A Southerner Discovers the South. She had been reading an advance copy of the book and felt Life should "illustrate it." The photographer assigned to the task was the world famous Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Unfortunately, Life never found the right moment to run the photo-essay. For more than seventy years Eisenstaedt's pictures have been hidden away in Life's archives, which are closed to researchers.

Now, however, they are hosted on Google Images. Pending permission from Life and Getty Images to reproduce them on this site, the links below provide links to the most readily identifiable of several hundred shots. They are organized geographically based on the route Daniels and Eisenstaedt traveled. To see a bigger version, click on the image on the Google Images page.

Anyone interested in helping identify more of the photographs associated with "Jonathan Daniels Southern Trip" on Google Images is invited to contact Jennifer Ritterhouse (jritterh@gmu.edu). Start with any Eisenstaedt image linked through this site, then click through the "Related images" at the righthand side of the Google Images page. Each image has a unique URL, which is the information needed to link it up.

Ducktown and Copperhill



Paint Rock



Delta Cooperative Farm

Mississippi River ferry